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Corporate Socio Responsibility

Societal progress is fundamental to economic progress. The subject has been extensively researched, discussed, debated, and the contribution corporate bodies can make to this process has been clearly spelled out.

To accelerate the growth of a developing economy like India, the fact that every institution must do its bit to contribute to societal progress can be hardly overemphasized.

In the context of growing collective and individual aspirations, a contribution is waiting to be made at every layer of society. The scale of the contribution may vary, but not its significance.

As a conscientious corporate entity, ABI Estates PVT LTD is singularly aware of its corporate social responsibility. To make it a reality, ABI Estates PVT LTD'annual plans include engaging with structured activities that have the potential to make a constructive contribution to social progress.

We have done following activities during last year:-

  • We distributed FOOD to the needy during Chennai floods
  • Every year Children Education Assistance upto Rs.10,000/- for needy